Welcome to our website!


On here you can find information about how we began our journey and what we want to offer our families and greater community by starting Around The Clock Family Day Care.


You will also find information about the amazing team of Educators we have servcing our community & vacanies they may have and how to enquire and or enrol your child/ren in one of those services.


We are an approved service able to offer familes CCS entitlements for those eligible under Centrelink / Family Assistance Legislation.


We underwent our first Rating & Assessment in October 2016 when our scheme was only 5mths young and were proud to acheive meeting across all areas. This was achieved through dedication, teamwork, knowledge, hardwork and a passion for what we do.


We are competitive with our levies, application/ enrolment fees, always striving to keep these as low as we can for both families and Educators.


Families are required to pay a refundable bond upon enrolment, which is given back once the child has ceased care with ATCFDC all being their account is up to date and finalised.


We collect the complete full fee from families and pay Educators weekly. Removing the stress from Educators having to receipt families for gap fees and chase any accounts that fall behind. You have the peace of mind that you are paid for each week you work.


We believe Educators have a right to select their scheme based on what they feel is the right fit for them and their FDC service so we have NO exit fees or minimum base period which Educators are locked in for.


If your interested in becoming an Educator within our team yourself and finding out more as to whats involved and required in becomming an educator in your own home we would love for you to contact us at      aroundtheclockfdc@outlook.com


Kristy Banister, Approved Provider / Nominated Supervisor